Toilet repairs


Prolific Plumbing St George and Sutherland Shire is a fast response, true 24×7 plumbing company based locally in the shire. Having dealt with literally 1000’s of issues with toilets through our various real estate and insurance customers, we have become true professionals when it comes to rectifying your issue. We carry fully equipped vehicles to handle just about any issue you throw at us when it comes to your broken toilet.
Generally, the more common issue with a toilet is a leak, these leaks can be the start of major damage to your home whether that be leaking onto precious floorboards, or a hygiene issue with waste remaining inside your home spreading infection and bacteria. Be sure you have confidence when you send shire care plumbers to fix your broken toilets.

Leaks into the toilet can also be costly once left for a period of time, 6 months of a leaking toilet would cost you more than having a plumber come and fix the issue in the first place.

High water Level in Toilet?

Sound like you have a blockage! Let the team at Shire Care Plumbing help you, simply call 1300 965 668 or click the contact us button.