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Are you looking for a hot water system repair or replacement in Sydney?

At Prolific Plumbing, we can help you find the right unit for your home. We provide a variety of hot water system services, including maintenance, repair, and replacement, to suit your needs.

Most hot water systems these days are backed by lengthy warranties so you can have full confidence when installed by Prolific Plumbing, your Hot Water System will give you years of seamless hassle free hot water.

Types of Hot Water Systems

Below, you can check some of the best system types, known for their efficiency and reliability.

Choosing one will depend on your life-style and needs.

Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are a popular choice among Sydney homeowners. They are easy to replace and maintain, and they have the lowest upfront installation cost. Electric heaters consist of a water tank, which heats the amount of water needed for household use.

We can install your electric hot water unit outdoors or indoors. For a four-person household, you will need a 125L to 160L tank. For a larger family, we recommend a 250L to 315L tank.

Gas Hot Water Systems

There are two types of gas hot water systems – those that run on LPG and those that run on natural gas. Gas water heaters are smaller than electric ones but have higher initial costs. They run efficiently and are ideal for homeowners who need a daily hot water supply.

Most of our customers use gas water systems that run on natural gas because it is cheaper than LPG. Installation usually takes place outside, and we do it in less than three hours. You need a chimney or a flue if you want to install a gas hot water system inside your home.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar water heaters use solar panels to heat the water. Compared to other hot water systems, they give you the most energy-efficient solution. However, they also have the highest upfront installation costs.

We can install the tank and the solar panels on the roof or at ground level. Many of our clients prefer solar water heaters installed at ground level. That way, they avoid the additional costs required to prepare the roof. Ground installation also provides easier access during regular maintenance and service repairs.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pump water heaters work like an air conditioner. They extract heat and, together with a cooler, produce hot water, which gives you an advantage during the summer months. This eco-friendly option also has lower operating costs.

Pump compressors can create noise, so we recommend our customers choose newer models from reputable brands that produce quieter heat pumps.

Heat pump water systems require more space for set-up and aren’t suitable for smaller apartments or homes.

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

An instantaneous water heater is a tankless unit that warms the water only when you need it. The water heats as it passes through a heat exchanger.

Compared to traditional hot water tanks, the instant hot water system provides an endless supply of hot water, saves energy, and decreases monthly electricity bills. The modern design looks better than any other tank type, and its compact size saves space. That makes it suitable for both big and small homes.

At Prolific Plumbing, we offer a first-rate installation Sydney homeowners can count on. If you still don’t know what to expect from electric, solar, or instant hot water systems, contact us, and we will help you decide.

Hot water unit systems

Need hot water?

Sydney, St George and Sutherland Shire Emergency
Hot water systems Specialists.

Hot water systems are an essential part of our daily lives, and having a functional hot water system is necessary for our comfort (and sanity!)

Let’s face it, taking cold showers in the morning and putting the kids to bed without a warm bath is never fun. Sadly, most homeowners take their hot water systems for granted and don’t realise how heavily they rely on them until an emergency. Before completely breaking down, your hot water systems usually show several signs of needing replacement. Recognising these looming signs beforehand allows you to take the necessary steps to repair or replace them.

So how do you tell if your hot water system needs a replacement?


Here are Six key signs to look out for-


Most hot water systems have a lifespan of 8 to 15 years, and the age of your hot water is the first and clearest indicator of when it should be replaced. This is mainly because over time, the internal parts of our hot water systems tend to break down, decreasing their efficiency in your home.

There are also other factors that can speed up the ageing process of your hot water system, like using hard water and not servicing your hot water systems regularly. A problematic hot water system can cause sludge and slit that break down to flow into your shower, bath, basin, sink and appliances. If your system is around 8 to 15 years old, it’s probably time to replace it.


Producing discoloured or smelly water

Your taps and showers may emit funky water that no one needs to see or smell. If you notice your water producing brown, red, or rusty-coloured water, it could be another sign that your hot water system is breaking down.

Hot water systems produce a discoloured taste and smell if corroded from the storage tank inside. While this is a natural occurrence that happens over time, rusted water is a source of bacteria and can harm your and your family’s health. So it’s important to act immediately once you notice the water discolouration.



If you notice droplets of water pooling around your hot water system, it is an obvious sign of a breakdown, and your system needs urgent service or replacement.

Unattended leaks can cause mildew or mould to grow, which can cause significant health problems. Additionally, using a leaking tank may cause flooding.


Noisy or making strange noises

Most hot water systems do make minor noise as it heats up the water in your home. However, strange, loud noises such as hissing, popping, cracking or banging are uncommon.

If you hear a hissing sound coming out from your hot water system, it most likely means the tank has burst. A system that constantly emits loud banging or rumbling sounds can indicate the inner lining breaking down in its storage.

Besides that, continuous rumbling may cause it to leak in time, and it probably means that your hot water system is nearing the end of its life. If the noise is persistent, consider getting your hot water system replaced.


Ongoing issues

If you are having constant issues with your hot water system or find it doesn’t work as well as before, it might be time to consider an upgrade. At some point, repairs won’t do much to solve your water problems, and it may cost you more than actually getting a replacement. Replacing your hot water system will not only provide you with a brand-new system that works well, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to install a more energy-efficient water heater. This could potentially save you more money and time, along with helping the environment.


Larger Water Bills

Your bill may be skyrocketing if a leak is somewhere in the unit. Get a professional plumber to inspect your hot water unit immediately to prevent future costly bills.

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