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Why Reline?

After many years in the plumbing and drainage business we have expanded to specialise in this advanced relining technology to bring a service that prevents destruction to above ground structures or ground surfaces.

We have seen first hand for many years how digging up old pipes can become so expensive due to excavation and restoration costs. This process allows us to re birth old pipelines to new strong pipe lines without the destruction caused by excavation and demolition to gain access to these existing pipes.

With our advanced knowledge in drainage we will bring to you your best options. Once we have conducted our CCTV inspection of the pipe in question we will guide you in the right direction for your particular requirements.  We can provide a quote for either the reline or the excavation process and give you the positive or negative of either option.

Do you have signs of a blocked drain?

blocked drain sydney

Here’s why you should choose pipe relining over pipe replacement for your home in Sydney.

Compared to the traditional method of repairing drains, Pipe Relining (aka Drain Relining) offers advantages including:

What is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is the process of repairing a pipe without having to dig it up and replace it. Instead, it is done by inserting a liner into the pipe and then inflating it to take the shape of the pipe. This new pipe within the pipe seals up so the water can flow without leaking. Pipe relining is an excellent alternative to replacing a pipe because it is less disruptive and much faster.

How does pipe relining work?

First, a Pipe Relining technician inspects the damaged pipes using a remote CCTV camera – called CCTV inspections or drain inspections. You can also do this as an annual inspection to stay proactive towards any drain or stormwater pipes you think may have future problems. The inspection uses a robotic interface that allows the interior of each branch in the system to be examined closely for cracks or collapsed walls; this is the first step in the relining system. Then, a high-pressure jet clears the debris and any blockage that may have occurred due to roots or incursion. Only rarely do technicians need to dig a hole during a pipe relining job. However, our quality repair specialists will always make it a priority to fill these back in after repairs.

Once we locate the damage and prepare the site, service personnel insert a specialised textile liner (the relining product consisting of epoxy resin) coated with an adhesive resin into the faulty channel using pressurised air or water. This process (called drain relining) inverts the textile liner, pushing the adhesive resin against the inside of the pipe as it expands to perfectly cover the damaged areas, creating a uniform protective seal across the length of the broken pipe. The pressure impresses the liner against the cylinder walls and steadily holds until the resin is set and cured.Finally, once the repair is made and the liner has become solid, the technician will re-inspect the pipe using the CCTV inspection camera. We then confirm the repairs to the damaged section and remove all obstructions from the system. Once cured, the sewer pipe relining is a permanent repair. The textile liner and resin have a guaranteed lifespan of twenty-five years, and most will last over fifty years under normal conditions – making relining your pipes a no-brainer rather than even thinking about pipe replacement.

What are the benefits of pipe relining over traditional methods?

There are many benefits of pipe relining, including:

  1. Pipe relining can extend the life of your pipes, often by many years.
  2. Pipe relining can repair pipes that are damaged or have leaks, often without the need for expensive or disruptive excavation.
  3. Pipe relining can often be completed quickly and with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Pipe relining is less disruptive to your property, as there is no need to excavate or dig up your pipes. In addition, you can avoid the costly and time-consuming process of repairing or replacing your pipes.Pipe relining is also more durable and long-lasting than traditional pipe repair methods, as the new lining will not be susceptible to the same problems that caused damage to your original pipes.

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Factors That Affect Pipe Relining Cost

Pipe Diameter

Larger diameter pipes

can increase total

material costs.

Type of Repair

The amount of work required for

repair versus full relining can

influence the bottom line.

Total Metres

Extensive pipe networks
can result in longer
working hours.

Pipe Junctions

The presence of multiple 

bends and junctions

complicates sewer lines.

Access Points

Restricted or intricate access
points may require specialised 
equipment or methods.

Product Type

The chosen method,

technology and equipment

used can impact the price.

The Process

You can contact our office to get the ball rolling.
Our licensed tradesmen will then attend site to inspect the issue.

  • The drain line will be cleaned with a 5000 psi Jetter machine.  This allows us to gain great vision of the internal sides of the pipe in question. This will remove tree roots and debris.
  • A CCTV drain camera will then be sent in to inspect the internal walls of the pipe line.

From here we will evaluate the situation of the inspected pipe. You will be given an honest opinion for the best solution.  A quote will be provided at this point to allow you to chose what you would like done.

Such things as pipe drops, bellies and sagging cannot be resolved with pipe relining. They will require to be dug up and exposed. We also provide this full service if required. By providing both the relining technique and the excavation process we can definitely guide you to the best option.

Our Services

We provide a full drain care service.

From unblocking drains, CCTV inspections, underground pipe locations and pipe repairs, replacements and re lines. We can re line from 1 meter to over 50 meter sections in all different size diameter pipes. Our robotic cutter can be used to cut junctions and re line. The robotic cutter can also be used to remove such things lodged in pipe lines such as concrete, tilers grout, test plugs and timber.

Clearing the Pipe

The first step is to clear the pipe of any debris or blockages. This is done with a hydro jetter, which is a high-pressure water hose that will flush out the pipe and remove any build-up.


Once the pipe is cleared, our team will conduct a thorough pipe inspection with CCTV to determine the extent of the damage and what needs to be done to repair it.

Pipe Relining

The last step is to apply the epoxy resin to the inside of the pipe with a specialized machine. Once applied, the epoxy resin needs to be cured in order to harden and create a new pipe within the old one.

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Zoe PalmerZoe Palmer
22:42 29 Nov 23
Matt was fantastic. He was knowledgeable, arrived on time and was able to remove and cap off our gas oven for us straight away.I felt reassured that everything was done safely and correctly and to a high standard.Thank you Matt
yorgi mavrosyorgi mavros
07:54 24 Nov 23
Had a blocked sewer pipe. Matt was upfront and honest about his services and pricing. Very friendly, listens and happy to answer questions. I would use him again without hesitation
Mark WallingtonMark Wallington
19:29 22 Nov 23
The second time I have used Matthew and another 5 star job.
Michael KielbMichael Kielb
09:05 22 Nov 23
Arni TheophileArni Theophile
13:51 21 Nov 23
Great job, professional and reasonably priced. I will use their services in the future.
Sumalai JantoSumalai Janto
06:19 28 Oct 23
I called Matt. On Thursday evening at 720pm. Had a water leak which I thought was behind dishwasher Matt was at my unit. In 15 minutes and it was the first time I have used him which was very impressive. He came was very polite and professional the problem was a burst water pipe in the wall behind kitchen sink which he found straight away. He took dishwasher out set himself up for tomorrow morning when he came and fixed the burst pipe in the wall he removed a few cabinets to access pipe which he put back like nothing ever happened look no further for another plumber Matt from prolific plumbing is your man. Awesome job
Clare YehClare Yeh
04:49 15 Aug 23
Being new to the area and a few bathroom installation/removal jobs done, we chose Prolific Plumbing from googling local plumbers and Matt's work definitely lived up their excellent reviews. Not only was Matt super pleasant to work with, on time and professional, he was also very communicative with the various options we have in completing the works whilst being mindful of our very tight timeline. Matt worked with precision and efficiency and was able to get remove and replace our bathroom vanity, sink, mirror unit as well as install several bathroom accessories ie toilet roll holder, towel holder etc without any damage to our fragile tiles within the afternoon. Emma the receptionist/accounts manager was also very prompt and efficient with communication which facilitated a very streamlined booking and completion of the job.If you are looking to have plumbing/bathroom works done with someone with pride and craftsmanship, I definitely recommend Matt and his team!Ps regarding the photos, I was very excited to share the works with family that I had taken the photos before Matt was had properly cleaned up the area, please ignore the stains/rubbish.
Joseph YuenJoseph Yuen
04:14 01 Aug 23
Very happy with Matt's work. He's helped identify and fix many teething water/drainage issues for our 8 year old apartment. Was really excellent too in giving affordable solutions to some smaller problems that he didn't feel he should charge us to fix. Would keep using his service should the need arise!
Rashid GoolamRashid Goolam
22:01 29 Jun 23
Matthew replaced my mixer at very short notice.Very professional and competent. Also sorted another problem while here.He is not cheap but you get what you pay for.I will use him again.

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