Blocked drains


Blocked Drain? You have come to the right place, Prolific Plumbing arrive fully equipped to ensure maximum efficiency. When Prolific plumbing inspect your Blocked Drains, you will know with confidence these plumbers know what they’re doing. We have many solutions for your block drain issues. Being locally based in the St George and Sutherland Shire Sydney, you know we are never far away & have the expertise, equipment & arrive fully licensed and insured.

Gully Overflowing? Bad Smells Present? Drains are Gurgling?

A Blocked Drain can create a horrible situation in your home, not only messy but smelly and unhygienic. Possibly spreading bacteria and infection blocked drains are to be treated with priority.
Unfortunately, there are reasons behind blocked drains that cause solids or liquids to back up the drainage line, foreign objects and common causes of blockages include, Tree Roots, Dislodged Pipe, Broken Pipe, Baby Wipes, Sanitary Napkins, Hair, Soaps & Built Up Cooking Fats.

We use unique equipment to diagnose the issue, clear the blockage and advise on suitable procedures to prevent further blockages and inconveniences down the track.

Prolific Plumbing Treatment Against Blocked Drains Suburbs in Sydney

We treat Blocked Drains seriously as we understand the inconvenience they cause in your home. Prolific Plumbing will first perform a visual inspection to identify the cause & remedy of the Blocked Drain.
It’s at this point you will know you’re in good hands as Prolific Plumbing treating your Blocked Drain will jump into action and advise on the next steps.
We carry equipment to deal with a blocked drain in the kitchen right through to the entire house. Our high-pressure water jet is capable of reaching upwards of 60000psi with water streaming from an outlet no bigger than a pinhead, what this means it has the ability to cut through tree roots, sanitary napkins and foreign matters lodged in the pipework, so you know with confidence we have the equipment necessary to get your Blocked Drain flowing.

Once we clear the blockage we also use out CCTV Camera to inspect your drain line and advise of condition and remedies to prevent further blockages. Our equipment also allows us to locate underground pipework with the use of radio frequency pipe locator, ensuring pinpoint accuracy of location of any damage or blockages we come across.

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